Work has begun on a downtown Gurdon mural.

What's going on here? Phase one of the Gurdon mural is underway. Mary Lewis is painting one of two blacks cats on the side of a Front St. building. The art project is funded by a grant from Southern Bankcorp, Hoo Hoo International, US Bank and William Norman. Volunteers include; Mary Lewis, Russell Butler and Sherry Kelley. The background color was painted by Lester McClure and David Marion, the paint was purchased at Plyler's Hardware and the scaffold is supplied by Kuhn's Hardware. Beech Street Baptist Church provided the over head projector. The project is designed to enhance community pride, urban re-development and tourism. A painting of a steam locomotive and the Gurdon Light is planned for the second phase of the mural. The entire project is expected to cost approximately $1,500.