A shooting near Bismarck Thursday afternoon that initially seemed to involve Hot Spring County officers was later revealed to be a domestic disturbance in which officers were involved only as witnesses.

BISMARCK, Ark. (AP) — Hot Spring County authorities say one person was killed and another wounded in a shooting outside a home near Bismarck.

Sheriff's Sgt. Jerry McAnear told reporters that the shooting occurred Thursday afternoon after deputies were called to a domestic disturbance at the home. McAnear said that when deputies arrived the saw a man and woman arguing and wrestling over a gun.

He says the weapon discharged as the couple fought and one person was killed — the other wounded. He declined to identify the victims or say which one died. He said the wounded person's injuries do not appear life-threatening.

McAnear said the investigation was turned over to the Arkansas State Police because the deputies who were approaching the couple before the shooting are considered witnesses.