It appears that there will not be a Holiday Inn Express built on Highway 7 in Caddo Valley.

It appears that there will not be a Holiday Inn Express built on Highway 7 in Caddo Valley.
Ground was broken in July 2008 at the prospective hotel’s location across from Cracker Barrel, and construction was predicted to wrap this spring.
In February, however, the grounds where the hotel was supposed to be built was still vacant with the exception of a trailer which housed hotel manager Anna Anthros.
Jerry Walker, chair of the Caddo Valley Advertising and Promotion Commission, said there were complications among owners and that Skip Davidson, the Little Rock attorney who invested in the project, was in the process of recruiting new partners.
Other issues stalling construction, Anthros said in February, were architectural adjustments and lending issues resulting from bank bailouts.
Monday, however, Anthros said Davidson “pulled the plug” on the $5 million project after having spent more than $1 million in land acquisition and preparations. Anthros was laid off in June after Davidson laid off the site superintendent in December and the project manager a “short while” before laying off Anthros.
“It was because (Davidson) couldn’t get an additional investor on board, and he didn’t know where it was going to go from there,” Anthros said of the decision to indefinitely postpone construction of the hotel. “He couldn’t do it on his own and couldn’t get another investor.”
Anthros said communication between her and Davidson was usually done through another source, but when the two did speak, Davidson “did say he would keep trying and, if the project gets back on track, re-hire me. He hasn’t given up on it completely. I can’t say (the plug is) pulled completely. The message I got was that he would continue to look for additional investors, and he would contact me if he found one to come back on board.”
Anthros said that, until Davidson approaches her with another stab at building the hotel, she plans to open and operate a business in Friendship. The business, Julie’s Burger Barn, is slated to open by January.
The Holiday Inn was originally designed to be an 80-unit hotel with 15 suites.
Mayor Alan Dillavou said he hopes the economy will “improve enough where he can attract more investors in the project and get back on with it. Everybody in the county feels the same way. It would be nice to have another hotel. I never did think it wouldn’t go through, it’s just going to take longer now.”